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Without the appearance of radical change, visitors to will find a variety of changes and additions.

The left menu bar now allows visitors to select the API link, and directly order API specification documents.

We have recently upgraded our website serach engine and you can access it below.


See article published in Manufacturing News Magazine and view our more recently added capacities.


This Catalog Supplement lists all API Flanges with the required Bolts, Tap End Studs, Ring Gaskets and Wrenches with all dimensional information and weights for all these flange accessory items offered by WOODCO USA.

Q & A  78 6,500 psi Working Pressure Equipment

Can I use 5M equipment for 6,500 psi service?

Q & A  77 17D Blind Flanges Without Raised Faces

Should API 17D Blind Flanges have a Raised Face?

Q & A  76 Gap Observed Between 6BX Flanges

What to make of an observed gap between 6BX flanges before Make-Up and a remaining gap after Make-Up.

Q & A  75 Welded Flange By Union Adapters

How to identify adapters made by welding and adapters made from one piece of material?

Q & A  74 Hammer Unions with Removable Nuts

Why do some Hammer Wing Unions have nuts that may be removed from the male half while others do not?

Q & A  73 Engagement of Studs in Tapped Holes

How far should a stud bolt thread engage into the body of a studded part?

Q & A  72 R and RX ring grooves

Can R ring gaskets work in ring grooves marked RX?

Q & A  71 6BX Flange Connection Weepage

What to make of signs of leakage as test pressure is released?

Q & A  70 Connecting SR to RX Ring Groove Hubs

Will joining a SR to an RX hub seal?

Q & A  69 Stud and Nut Lubricant for API Connectors

What specific lubricant should we use on studs and nuts when tightening API connectors together?

Q & A  68 Spherical Washers for API Clamps

Why use spherical washers on an API Clamp?

Q & A  67 Brinell Hardness Abbreviation Designation

HBN or HBW? Why do I see Brinell Hardness records with these different abbreviations?

Pressure Cut Well Head Flange 

Avoid connection seal failure.

Installing and Removing Tap End Studs in Tapped Holes 

General instructions to install Tap End Studs.

How do SBX Ring Gaskets Work?  

SBX Ring Gaskets solve a problem principally occurring when joining 6BX and/or 17D RTJ flanges under water.

Double Studded Adapters and Spacer Flanges  

This Web Site Tool explains the configuration of Double Studded Adapters (DSA’s) and Spacer Flanges used to adapt or space apart Wellhead components.

Flange Bolt Hole Orientation

This page has been updated with a new drawing and further explanation on proper bolt hole location.

Clamp Bolt Tightening Sequence

Displays an image showing the correct stack-up of spherical washers and nuts, and the tightening of clamp bolts.

Caution: For Clamp Hub Ring Groove Repair

Hub ring grooves cannot have repair performed by simply skim cutting the Hub face and deepening the groove.

Clamp Test Pressures and Applied Loads

Here you will find which hubs a clamp fits, and which of these hubs subject the clamp to the greatest load at test pressure.

Hammer Wing Union Slide Rule

This "WEB SITE TOOL" gives you a convenient and useful way to view Figure Number Hammer Union dimensions.

Identification of Male and Female Union Halves

View this page to help you clearly understand and communicate about specific union halves, either male or female.

2" Fig. 602/1002 and 1502 Union Identification  Tool

No greater hazard exists with oilfield pressure control equipment than mis-matched hammer wing unions. WOODCO USA now offers tools that will help to avoid the most common union mis-match.

Oilfield Glossary: Terms and Definitions

We have added several new definitions.

Estimate Pipe Yield Strength for Rated Working Pressure

Calculator to estimate the working pressure of selected sizes and strength grades of pipe.

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