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Catalog for Pressure Control Equipment
Supplement 1, API Top Connectors

Supplement 2, BOP Lifting Accessories

Supplement 3, API Connector Accessories
Catalog for Clamps for Clamp Hub Connections

Catalog for Inside Blowout Preventers

Catalog for API Spec 7K Spider.
Flange Identification

Hub Identification

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Why Specify the API Monogram

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A Brief History

About API 17D SS and SV Swivel Flanges

About API 6A Segmented Dual Completion Flanges

Flange Slide Rule Program
    ( Flange dimensions and methods of identification )

Segmented Dual Completion Flange Dimensions

Flange Weld Neck Dimensions

Flange Weights, API Spec 6A Flanges

Flange Weights, API Spec 17D Flanges

Studded Cross / Tee / Elbow Slide Rule Program

Flanged Cross / Tee / Elbow Slide Rule Program

Flanged Gate Valve Slide Rule Program

API Top Connector Slide Rule Program

About API Top Connectors (Tree Caps)

Flange Make-up, Stand-off and Drift

Pressure Cut Well Head Flange (Connection Seal Failure)

Installing and Removing Tap End Studs in Tapped Holes

How do SBX Ring Gaskets Work?

Disassembly (Break-out) of Made-up Flanges

Flange Bolt Tightening Sequence Test Pressure / Working Pressure Explained

Material Mechanical Property Requirements

Field Appraisal (Inspection) of Ring Grooves
(Including an explanation of ring gasket seal performance)

Field Non-destructive Qualification of Equipment

What Flange Does This Ring Gasket Fit?

About SS and CRA Inlayed Ring Grooves

Ring Gasket Selection Ring Gasket Handling and Inspection  
    ( R, RX, SRX, BX, SBX Gaskets )

Flange Gasket, Bolt and Torque Reference Chart

Torque Values for API Spec 6A Integral Flanges
Using Fluoropolymer Coated Bolts For Surface


Torque Values for 17D and 6BX Fluoropolymer
Coated Flange Bolts For Subsea Applications

API Bolt Torque Calculators Flange Cross Reference Chart
(Compares old API series and ANSI / ASME Class flanges to current API flanges)

Crossover Connections

Double Studded Adapters and Spacer Flanges

Flange Bolt Hole Orientation

Doubled Drilled Flanges

About Weld Neck Flanges

Weld Neck Flange Attachment

Test Rack Tips

Caution: For 2900 Series Flanges

Caution: For 6BX Weld Neck Flanges

Bell Nipple Flanges

Target Flanges

Spacer and Instrument Flanges

Test, Gauge, and Bleed Ports
          (API Collar Secured Christmas Tree Lubricator Connectors)
About API Top Connectors (Tree Caps)

API Top Connector Slide Rule Program
A Brief History

Hub Identification

Clamp Installation Instructions

Clamp Inspection and Storage

Clamp Test Pressures and Applied Loads

Caution: For Older Cast  Steel Clamps

Caution: For For Clamp Hub Ring Groove Repair

Hub Slide Rule

Program Hubbed Cross / Tee / Elbow Slide Rule Program

Clamp Slide Rule Program

Clamp Bolt Tightening Sequence

What Hub Does This Clamp Fit?

What Clamp Fits This Hub?

What Hub Does This Ring Gasket Fit?

Hub and Clamp and  Reference Chart


Identification of Male and Female Union Halves

Hammer Wing Union Slide Rule
2" Fig. 602, 1502 Hammer Wing Union Identification Tool

Oilfield Glossary: Terms and Definitions

API 5L Line Pipe Physical Properties

Carbon Steel Pipe Dimensions and Weights

Estimate Working Pressure of Steel Pipe/Tube for Pressure Service

Calculator and Measurement Conversion
    ( Calculator and English to Metric Conversion )

Brinell Hardness Testing

Hardness Number Conversion Chart

Glossary Terms and Definitions Related to Hardness

Material Chemical Composition

Microstructure: Why should you care about it?

Periodic Table of Elements from Metal Suppliers Online