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Subject: API Double Studded Adapter Thickness


Can you tell me if Double Studded Adapters (DSA) are made to any API dimensional Specs? If so, can you tell me the standard height (or thickness) of a 4-1/16" 5M X 2-9/16" 5M DSA?


Although API SPEC 6A provides dimensions for Loose and Integral flanges, it leaves the thickness of adapter flanges up to the manufacturer.

Most manufacturers make Double Studded Adapters the same basic thickness as that required for a flange of the largest nominal connection, with a raised portion about 1/4" high on the opposite side for the smaller studded connection; unless tapped stud hole intersection, and drilled hole depth, necessitate additional thickness to satisfy the API design requirement for stud thread engagement. Different manufacturers use different methods to satisfy this design requirement so minimum thickness may differ between manufacturers. Thickness may also increase above the design minimum to fill the user’s space requirements.

The size DSA you asked about, 4-1/16" 5M X 2-9/16" 5M might find application in a Choke Manifold. Its thickness would have to meet that required minimum to satisfy design, plus any measurement additional to that minimum needed to fill any space necessary to complete any loop and allow flange faces to meet in parallel contact.

WOODCO USA uses 3-1/2” as the minimum thickness for a 4-1/16" 5M X 2-9/16"5M DSA. For the reason mentioned above, DSA's may have their thickness, above the minimum, specified by the buyer.

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