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Subject: 5,000 psi working pressure equipment used for 6,500 psi service.


I have heard that I can use 5,000 psi working pressure equipment for 6,500 psi service. Is this true? .


All API Spec 6A and 16A 5,000 psi nominal working pressure connectors using 60K yield strength API specified materials were originally designed for, and tested originally to 10,000 psi test pressure. With the publication of API Spec 6A 19th Edition and API Spec 16A 3rd Edition, API introduced a uniform requirement for designing and testing all equipment, 5,000 psi and higher working pressure, for a test pressure of 1.5 times rated working pressure. This resulted in a reduced design requirement for 5,000 psi working pressure equipment.

The new reduced test pressure meant that 5,000 psi working pressure equipment, built to older design criteria and tested to 10,000 psi, could theoretically be rated to 6,666 psi, rounded to 6,500 psi, and have consistency with current design requirement stress allowables.

Although API has made no statement about this matter, many operators have adopted the practice of using 5,000 psi nominal working pressure equipment manufactured to API 6A 17th and API 16A 2nd and earlier editions of these specifications for service up to 6,500 psi.

Operators should only risk this non-standard practice if they confirm with equipment manufacturers that all 5,000 psi nominal equipment in an assembly was originally made to the 10,000 psi test requirements, and the manufacturers have, or would make certification as such. Manufacturers should be asked specifically if their valve closure mechanisms are suitable for 6,500 psi service.

Equipment manufactured to API 6A 19th Edition requirements, and tested to 7,500 psi should not be up-rated to 6,500 psi working pressure without the specific equipment manufacturer confirming equipment design criteria, and re-test to 10,000 psi.

CAUTION: Operators should not assume that existing 5,000 psi working pressure equipment can simply be tested to 10,000 psi and then used as 6,500 psi working pressure simply because it did not fail on test.


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