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Subject: Hammer Unions with Removable Nuts


Why do some Figure Number Hammer Unions have removable nuts while others have non-removable nuts?


Today (2016), manufacturers try to avoid any threaded attachment of 10,000 psi or higher pressure unions, to piping or equipment bodies.

By having the removable nut feature, manufacturers may install nuts on male union halves already made integral with piping or equipment. This avoids welding in the best case, and keeps hardened nuts out of the stress relief furnace in the worst case. This removable nut feature avoids having any need to join high pressure male half unions by pipe threads to piping or equipment bodies.

The removable nut design is of no importance on male blanking plugs with nuts, but to assure safe interchangeability of parts, many manufacturers make blanking plugs with removable type nuts to avoid part mix-ups. In the case of some size and pressure unions, manufacturers offer only removable nut type unions.  

Caution: When tightening Hammer Unions, always wear safety glasses.

To see an example of a Hammer Union with a Removable Nut. Click Here.

To see an example of a Hammer Union with a Non-Removable Nut. Click Here.


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