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Flanged Drilling Adapter Spool manufactured
to API Spec 16A requirements.

BOP Test Stump manufactured
per customer specified design.

BOP Test Stump manufactured
per customer specified design.

Flanged Diverter Spool
Diverter spools manufactured to
ANSI, API Spec 6A, and API Spec 16A
requirements as standard products.

Flanged by Studded Outlet
Drilling Spool
API Spec 16A,
made without welding.

API Spec 16A Drilling Spool, Studded,
Stainless Steel Inlay, 16A Monogram.

Large fabricated Spacer Spool.

API Spec 16A Flanged Spacer Spool.

Spacer Spools made without welding
API Spec 16A PSL-3 Spacer Spools.

API Spec 16A Spools and DSA's.
made without welding.

Snubbing Stack Equipment made
without welding
Spacer Spools, Flow Crosses,
Flange x Union Adapters.

Snubbing Spools,
made without welding.

Fabricated Spacer Spools for cementing.

API Spec 6A Flanged Spacer Spool.

API Flange x API Clamp Hub
Adapter Spool API 16A.

API Top Connector,
Phosphate Coated
5-1/8" 5M API Flange.

"Cross Standard" Adapter,
API Flange x Fig. No. Union
Adapter may have API or
ANSI / ASME Flange or
API Clamp Hub.

API Flange x Union Male Adapter,
3-1/16-10M X Bowen 2-1/2-5M
Male Union with 4-3/4-4TPI
Acme Thread Removable Nut.

"Cross Standard" Adapter,
Double Studded Adapter may have
API connections on both sides or
API to other standard connections.

API Spec 6A Spools and Studded Blocks,
made without welding.

45 Studded Tee, 410 SS material.

Special purpose Studded x Hub Elbow.

API Spec 6A Special purpose
Studded Tee's

API Spec 6A Studded Tee
Special Design,
with Integral Pad Eye.
(made from one piece)

Buffer Chambers
fabricated and tested to full rated pressure.

Special Purpose Spool
7-1/16" 15M, PSL-3, Flanged
Spacer Spool with 24" square x
1" plate integral with lower flange.
Made without welding.

Swivel Flange Elbow
API Spec 17D
long sweep elbow,
fabricated with weld neck
swivel flanges.

Pump-In Sub with studded side connections.

API Spec 16A Clamps,
Small and large Clamps to fit
API Spec. 16A Hubs.

Fabricated Snubbing Spools.

BOP Lifting Device,
Attaches to Flange

API Clamp Hub, blind with eye for lifting shackle.

Lifting Flange to accept shackle.

Flanged Diverter Spools
manufactured to ANSI,
API Spec 6A, and API Spec 16A requirements
as standard products.

3-1/8" 5M Swivel Flange x
3-1/8" 5M Conventional Flange
Spacer Spool, 12" high,
with Inconel Inlaid Ring Grooves.

API Ring Gaskets
Type R, Type RX, Type BX, Type SBX,
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and CRA.

API Flange Studs and Nuts and
Tap End Studs, Plated or with Special Coating.

API Flange Hammer Wrenches,
Straight Pattern for All Sizes of Stud Bolt Nuts.