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WOODCO USA Plant Photo Gallery

773 McCarty Dr. Entrance Gate

Main Plant Building, Shipping and Receiving

Main Plant Building, McCarty Dr. Entrance

6 Ton City Transport Cabover Truck

CNC Turning Machine and Finished Parts Staged

CNC Turning and CNC Machining Centers

CNC Vertical Turning and Horizontal Machining Centers

Manual Turning and Drilling Line

Vertical Turning Line

Inconel Inlay and Cladding Cell
Setup Video

Welding Positioners

Elevator Load Test Machine

Hydrostatic Test Area

Finished Product Inspection Area

Meeting, Break and Lunch Area

Shipping Area

773 McCarty Dr. Houston, Tx. 77029
Campus Size, Approx. 8 Acres
Plant, Approx. 48,000 Sq.Ft.
11 - Overhead Cranes, 2-25 Tons Cap.
36 - Jib Cranes, 1 Ton Cap., for Work Cells
6 - Forklifts, 5,000 to 15,000 Lbs. Cap.