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“Good sense must be the most abundantly and well distributed thing amongst men, for I have never heard anyone say he needed more of it.”

Rene Descartes

WOODCO USA believes great success comes when “Deep Understanding” gets translated into “Incredible Simplicity.” This Website offers you Product Catalogs with explanations and illustrations that can improve communication, with worksheets that provide a guide to information gathering and recording.

To make the large body on information and data on this website convienient, you will find a search engine button on every web page (see above). Please register (Click Here) and you will have immediate access.

If you have questions about the dimensions, interchangeability, and/or application of WOODCO USA equipment, take advantage of the FREE Web Site Tools, where you will find the best and most complete online Flange Slide Rule Program available. Other Slide Rule Programs will provide you with hard to find dimensional information about Flange Weld Necks, Crosses, Tees, Valves, Clamps, Clamp Hubs, Lubricator Adapters, Hammer Unions, and more. You will also find a variety of informational “Web Site Tools" that will improve productivity, safety and convenience.

If you select the Ameican Thinking link in the right column on our home page You will find interesting information about America and the Critical Thinking that leads to freedom and success.

The same knowledge and effort put into this Web Site goes into every product WOODCO USA sells. If this Web Site helps you, or persons for whom you have responsibility, please reward WOODCO USA with your business.

This Web Site will continue to grow. To see What’s New, click here; to influence the content, click on Contact Us and tell us what you think.


"The rate at which individuals and organizations learn may become the only sustainable competitive advantage."

Ray Stata


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