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How do SBX (and SRX) Ring Gaskets Work?

API Specified SBX Ring Gaskets solve a problem principally occurring when joining 6BX and/or 17D RTJ flanges under water.

The illustrations below show a comparison of a 6BX joint using a BX gasket and finally an SBX gasket.

BX Gasket

Water shown in gap and behind the ring gasket before tightening the joint.

Water shown trapped in the gap behind the ring gasket when connection tightening has closed the joint enough to bring both O.D. and I.D. surfaces of the ring gasket and grooves into contact. Water behind a BX ring gasket will not vent and allow the gasket to properly coin.

A ring joint connection tightened with water (or grease) trapped behind the gasket will not close completely to form a permanent reliable seal.

SBX Gasket

API specified optional drilling
patterns for vent holes. 

SBX gaskets have a bleed hole on their I.D. joining to their equalizing hole, to assure that any liquid trapped behind the ring gasket on either side will vent (flow) to the I.D. bore of the assembly as the connection comes together. This allows the connection to close as designed and the ring gasket to coin and form a permanent seal. 




SRX gaskets are not specified in any national or international standards, but they can be modified to have the same vent hole arrangement.

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